Friday, July 24, 2009


Mexican Free-Tailed bats sour out from under the Congress St. Bridge.  

Iran Solidarity Rally, Austin TX

All Photos published in the Daily Texan

Hair cut at Birds Barbershop on S. Congress.  Austin, TX.

Ryan Thompson by the fire.  Keene, New Hampshire. 

Guiding light.  Part of an art installation on the UT campus.  

Art installation featuring projectors and smoke on the UT campus.  

Heather Trost and Jeremy Barnes of A Hawk and a Hacksaw in Carizozzo, New Mexico on location for the music video "Raggle Taggle."

Gorgeous New Mexico sunrise.  (ektachrome)

Ghost town, NM (ektachrome)

Ghost Town, NM (ektachrome)

New Mexico (ektachrome) 

Saul Escondido works on the side of a building in East Austin, part of the city's attempts to revitalize the area.  

Students from Bee Cave Elementary play in the golden noodles art installation outside the Blanton Art Gallery on the UT campus.  

Ballet, Austin, TX.

State Capitol, Austin, TX.

Conversation. Prague, Czech Republic 

The first frame of a still photography project I made for a UT class about a marionette that cuts himself loose from his strings and escapes to freedom.  

My old friend Maritsa Patrinos, one of the most talented artists I know.

395 Tunnel beneath the Capitol during the inauguration.  I was one of 5,000 trapped in the infamous purple tunnel of doom.  Purple ticket holders, determined to attend the inauguration ceremony, were herded like cattle around the block, into one end of the tunnel and out the other.  People waiting as far as the eye could see and no one made it in.  Oh well, I may have not seen good ole' Obi in person but at least I was in D.C. for the energy and got a chance to see a major highway packed with people.  

Street Musician, Washington D.C. (my home)

Amerika.  Broken white picket fences taken in Bethesda, MD.

HDR...The Vltava beneath Hradkuv Most. Prague, CZ

The beautiful coastal town of Dubrovnik, Croatia grazing over the Adriatic Sea...

Jiri Kabes of Plastic People of the Universe on location for the short film HOUSLE, shot in Prague.

Tiny Boats, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Taraf De Haidouks. Live in Prague 2008

Old Photographs

The Czechs. They don't like Americans and their radar systems.

View from the balcony the 500 year old Town Hall in Old Town Square, Prague.

A snapshot of a busy Prague street.

Hundreds of anarchists march through the streets of Prague in response to the Neo-Nazi presence in the city.

Taken at an attempted Neo-Nazi rally in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. Thousands of Jews, anarchists, citizens and tourists poured out the city center to combat the anger shed by the Nazis.

These are various photographs taken over the course of two years. I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for FAMU International film school before attending the University of Texas in Austin, my new home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Horray for Photography

Photography is fun. Who doesn't love walking around with a camera and taking pictures of every damn thing that moves. Thats part of the beauty; the camera is basically an eye ball and every time the shutter snaps its a blink, a digested thought manifested in celluloid or pixels. Anyway, I love it, I love lenses, I love lighting, I love the little circles of confusion you get when something is out of focus and so on and so fourth. I've started this blog to share my photographs, thoughts and the things that I find interesting and exciting as seen through my right eye. Have a wonderful day.

- Tamir